Created Nov 08, 2012


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Ex Republican, since Reagan ruined this country with debts and scandals.(Iran-Contra)...selling weapons to the enemy.... The GOP has chosen either unqualified people or puppets who put Party and power over our country and the suffering humanity that has become the America middle class. I believe they should be voted out before they jeopardize our US National Security further, for Party games. Funded by the 1% and the Koch brothers.
I'm a proud Liberal, pro freedom for all people, no exceptions. A free Press can not do it's job without journalistic integrity. For any Journalist to not question and challenge outright idiocy is a disgrace to the profession and lies to the public shouldn't be allowed..
Pro women's right and choices, pro education for all American children, pro Science, Anti hate. Against Religion in our governing, in any form, any religion in our governing!


Shows The Rachel Maddow Show, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell

People Ed Schultz, Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow

Issues Education, Climate